Bone densitometry systems
RKS Medical Technologies supports GE Lunar Bone Densitometry, the premier systems for clinicians to assess Bone Health and Body Composition.

With a narrow fan beam, fast scanning, CZT digital array detectors, modern software, auto track software, object plane measurement, low dose fan beam, emitting only a sixth of the radiation compared to its competitors, the GE Lunar Prodigy has become an industry standard.

RKS Medical can provide you with both new and refurbished models depending on your needs and budget.
GE Lunar Systems:
  • Axial DEXA Densitometers
  • Lunar iDXA™
  • Lunar Prodigy Advance™
  • Lunar Prodigy Pro™
  • Lunar Prodigy Primo™
  • Lunar DPX Pro™
  • Lunar DPX Bravo™
  • Lunar DPX Duo™
Refurbished Systems:
  • Hologic