philips ultrasound systems
Philips first acquired ATL in 1998; and later on, the HP ultrasound division. Philips quickly absorbed and improved those acquired technologies to become one of the largest and most lauded manufacturers of diagnostic ultrasound equipment.

The top ATL and HP products such as ATL HDI 5000, and HP Sonos 5500, and 7500 continue to offer trusty mid-range performance while coming down in price. Meanwhile, the entry-level and mid-range Philips HD line have replaced these and are complemented by the wildly popular high-end power of the iU22 and iE33.

In all of these machines Philips has blended top of the line ergonomics and ease of use with reliability and the newest features.
Philips ATL Ultrasound Machines:
  • HDI 5000 - Mid-range shared service ultrasound machine

Philips HP Ultrasound Machines:
  • Sonos 5500 - Mid-range cardiac & vascular ultrasound machine
  • Sonos 7500 - Mid-range cardiac & vascular ultrasound w/ Cardiac 4D

Philips i Imaging Ultrasound Machines:

  • iU22 - High-end general imaging, OB/GYN, and vascular ultrasound
  • iE33 - High-end cardiac & vascular ultrasound
Philips HD Ultrasound Machines:
  • HD3 - Entry-level general imaging & obstetrics ultrasound machine
  • HD7 - Entry-level shared service ultrasound machine
  • HD7 XE - Entry-level shared service w/ SonoCT & XRES imaging technology
  • HD9 - Entry-level OB/GYN, Vascular & GI ultrasound machine
  • HD11 - Mid-range shared service ultrasound machine
  • HD11 XE - Mid-range shared service ultrasound w/ articulating LCD
  • HD15 - High-end cardiac & shared-service ultrasound machine
  • Envisor HD - Mid-range general imaging ultrasound