siemens ultrasound systems
Acuson was founded in 1979, and by the nineties was producing the Sequoia 512, the highest selling ultrasound system on the market. In 2000 Acuson was purchased by Siemens, which maintained the Acuson brand name and continued producing the Sequoia 512 till 2008.

The portable Acuson Cypress was also produced by Acuson and revised by Siemens being discontinued in 2009. The Acuson Sonoline Antares, Sonoline G50, and SC2000 were added later. The Acuson "X" series, X150 and X300 are the newest entry-level ultrasound systems from Siemens. 

Siemens Ultrasound Machines

  • X150 - Entry-level General imaging & OB ultrasound machine
  • X300 -  Entry-level General imaging & OB ultrasound machine
  • Sequoia 512 - Mid-range Cardiac & shared service ultrasound machine
  • Cypress Plus - Mid-range portable cardiac ultrasound machine
  • Sonoline G50 - Mid-range General imaging & OB ultrasound machine
  • Sonoline Antares - Mid-range shared-service & Cardiac ultrasound machine
  • SC2000 - High-end cardiac & shared-service ultrasound machine