Radiant RIS from Rad-Logic & RKS Medical
Radiant RIS, is one of the most full-featured and comprehensive RIS (Radiology Information System) solutions on the market. A Radiant RIS system can increase productivity, ensure billing accuracy, reduce staff workload and drastically improve patient wait times.

Radiant RIS has been built to be exceptionally user friendly. Additionally, Radiant regularly enhances the product as new requirements arise in radiology practice.

What Radiant RIS can do for your patients:

Patient Registration

With intelligent active keyword memory for spelling errors, auto complete fields and an optional health swipe card reader, registration has never been so accurate, safe and efficient. Pre-defined and editable comments can be added to a patient record at the click of a button. Go green by scanning documents and then view them instantly from anywhere.

Patient Tracking and Case Management

From the waiting room, through report generation, to submission payment and reconciliation, you have real-time knowledge of the status or record of the patient.
What Radiant RIS can do for your staff:

Digital Dictation and Transcription

Digital dictation allows the display of PACS images synchronously. If you don't yet have PACS, you can still use the Philips Speech Mike-based digital dictation system, saving you from having to dictate patient identification data.

Strong and Robust Search
Radiant RIS can search from any screen with its multi-talented proprietary Keyword Search.

Work Management

Get organized using the solution’s easy-to-use work lists designed for each member of your team: receptionist, technician, radiologist and transcriptionist.

Film Tracking and Document Management

Not digital yet? Radiant can easily keep track of where your films are, to save you from wasting time looking through vast numbers of record stacks. Search options are available based on modality, patient, service and case. Each change is logged for easy tracking of every piece of information.

Transcription documents can also be tracked using Radiant. Reports can be viewed from any workstation, and various sharing options allow other physicians within your organization to access documents without the need for copying.

Connectivity and Compatibility

With HL7 and DICOM, you can grow into PACS and connect with third-party digital equipment and also with HL7 compliant institutions.

What Radiant RIS can do for you financially:

Integrated Billing
Never lose another penny on incorrect billing or faulty re-submissions! Radiant is equipped with wizards, and the billing process is intuitive and will not let you submit a claim with insufficient data.

Enterprise Billing allows for single clinic billing or multiple clinic billing – all from a single workstation. Radiant also has the capability of billing for multiple companies within the enterprise.

Comprehensive Administrative Reporting

Radiant RIS has a report for every eventuality, enabling you to make the most informed business decisions no matter whether you operate a single clinic or large enterprise.

Batch Printing/Faxing

Radiant RIS, when used with its batch printing function, allows one to four printed batches to be sorted by different criteria simplifying report filing and distribution. Faxes can also be sent individually or in batches.

Embedded Help and Security

Designed in a clinic, Radiant is tailored to both staff and radiologist needs, with a simple user experience. An encrypted database and individual user settings allow for flexible and secure control.