For more than a decade, RKS Medical Technologies has been the largest broker for the purchase and sale of Independent Health Facilities and licenses (IHF) in the province of Ontario.

Unlike real estate brokers who dabble in selling IHFs without understanding the fundamentals of the business, we possess deep knowledge of the various pillars that form the foundation of a successful IHF. Pulling from our accumulated experience, we realize the best value for our clients considering a purchase, sale or valuation of an IHF through a tailored approach that is specific to each client’s needs.


Capital structure & financing guidance
Private equity & venture capital assistance
In-depth reviews of financial viability / history
Strategic business plan development
Transfer, relocation & expansion of IHFs
with the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care

Location/relocation strategy
Equipment valuation & recommendations
Lease negotiation
Radiology reading services
RIS/PACs assessments & recommendations
Staff recruitment
RKS Medical has provided IHF valuations for most major Canadian Banks, multiple accounting and legal firms and private clients. Our practice lead has appeared before the courts as a court-appointed expert on IHF valuations.
Diverse projects that we've worked on for Canadian healthcare clients have spanned all levels of government, including:
Long-Term Care facility transfers with the Long-Term Care branch of the Ministry of Health
Retirement Home transfers with the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority
Manufacturer Drug Identification Number (DIN) applications to Health Canada
Echocardiography Quality Improvement (EQI) with Accreditation Canada
XRIS submissions
Passionate about the ongoing development of our healthcare system, we are an experienced team of consultants with diverse backgrounds in finance, IT, healthcare and business. RKS Medical is the firm that Canadian healthcare business leaders turn to when they plan for long-term success. Together, we uncover growth opportunities, develop enduring strategies and optimize existing operations for sustained success. We're passionate about our client's success and to making a positive contribution to the development of healthcare in Canada.